Stoney Podcast – Episode 10

In this episode, Elder Charlie Rabbit sits down with Host Terry Rider to talk about Banff Indian Days in the 1950s. Charlie describes the regular schedule of the day, which started with a parade to the Banff Springs Hotel and included a rodeo organized by local Stonies in the afternoon. Listen to this episode to learn more about the history and events of Banff Indian Days.


wagichibipowwow, danceMînî Hîrhpa/MînîrhpaBanff
(wodeja) skadabirodeoihûgach s/he is leading something
ihûga zeechs/he is making decisionsoksâ yach s/he is circling around
Mâstîyâ MnenRabbit Lakenâbehand
hûgaduwachs/he/it is at a high locationayotabiFirst Nation, reserve
wîchoîeword, languageanûkînâgemidday, noon
nûm iyaachasat around 2 o’clockîtûsî hûgalawyer

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