Stoney Podcast – Episode 9

In this podcast, Virgile Stephens tells a story about Stoney Nakoda warriors recovering their horses. This story takes place long ago before the colonists came. These warriors traveled far and recovered 5 of their horses, but 2 were still missing. The owner of these 2 horses traveled as far as Crow Agency, Montana in the USA to recover his horses. This story showcases the strength and perseverance of a Stoney Nakoda warrior and demonstrates how far Stoney Nakoda people traveled historically.


sarhnoraeightoyade zethe peace treaty
ṯẖuyeyabigetting ready to fight, go to warsaîgiyabi zefacepaint
tathâmplus; equal;Sîktogeja WaptaWillow Creek (lit. Wolf River)
Îsagowîn WaptaOld Man Rivertibi oda wâchlots of lodges (chief camped in the middle)
ne hibi nethey came to look (for their horses)suwatâga ne hnibichthey brought the horses (except for two)
dukiyabiwhere are they?Gari TogaCrow People

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