Stoney Podcast – Episode 4

In this episode, host Terry Rider welcomes Jackson Wesley for a story about important lessons for young men to learn. Jackson shares lessons he has learned in his life and offers guidance to the younger generation. He emphasizes the necessity to work hard, be kind, and be able to support your family.


wîchamankoskayoung man
wîjihiyachs/he is raising a childskadachs/he is playing
chârâzibewood; fueldathagachit’s frozen
tawachîmind; thoughts; feelingswîdâgachs/he is being kind
wasagachs/he is stronggîhnustâchto s/he completed something
woyathâdisease; germsogiyachs/he is helping someone
chîjahis/her child; offspringthnoyachs/he understands something
châdehearthînîgachs/he is being bad

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