Stoney Podcast – Episode 5

In this episode, host Terry Rider welcomes Tracy Stephens for a story that teaches about the importance of not judging others and respecting those around you. Tracy talks about the importance of being aware of your surroundings and actions and how your decisions shape how you grow up.


garhnîyachto choose something; to judge somethingîkusingrandmother
anarhmâchto hide somethingoyagachto report; to inform
thûptemuskratwîjihiyachto raise a child
piṯẖenprairie dogarâgachto ride something
sûkthabablack horseayahâchto take something
hîhâowlsagenail; claw
nâbiptaglovesmarhpiyasky; heaven
gasnâchto make a mistakerheyamnature; wilderness
wokchâhâchto be intelligentwadagiyahâchto be witty
chababeaverithkachto be fit
zothamarmotbiṯẖachto scream; to squeal
chûûhmawagon; strollernîyahâchto make something come alive

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