Stoney Podcast – Episode 5

In this episode, host Terry Rider welcomes Tracey Stevens for a story that teaches about the importance of not judging others and respecting those around you. Tracey talks about the importance of being aware of your surroundings and actions and how your decisions shape how you grow up.


garhnîyachs/he is choosing or judging somethingîkusingrandmother
înarhmâchs/he is hiding somethingoyagachs/he is telling someone
heyalousenâptarejanfisher (an animal similar to a weasel)
thûptemuskratwîjihiyachs/he is raising a child
pithenprairie dogarâgachs/he is riding something
sûkthabablack horsesagenail; claw
hîhâowlmarhpiyasky; heaven
nâbiptaglovesrheyamnature; wilderness
gasnâchs/he made a mistakethiktanbird
wosmâbushithkachit fits
wokchâhâchs/he is thinkingmâstîyârabbit
chababeaverbithachs/he/it is screaming or squealing
rhogabadgernîyahâchs/he is bringing something to life
zothamarmotchûûhmawagon; stroller

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