Stoney Podcast – Episode 13

Host Terry Rider is joined by Travis Rider in this episode for a story about his experience growing up. Travis offers advice about how to be successful in school and tips on how to get started in life. He reflects on the role of his great-grandparents in his life and the necessity of integrating traditional and school knowledge into one’s life.


wâjihiwangrowing upÎyethka îahâin the Stoney Nakoda language
daguskân watoksuschool busîkusingrandmother
omâgiwanit helped meîchibasgiving back
waktaîchiyabi hâchto be readygaki togadain the future
waûthpewîchakiye tibischooladefather
hûjicome here.ohâ wagiwanyes!
ayotabireserveîchihnuhabitake care of yourself
goktangreat-grandparentîdukabi hînîgedrugs
tejanoldîkûbi negiven to us

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